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Parking sucks, but the food is worth it!

Yeah what he said about the parking and food. lol.

I used to live there 25 years ago when buns and torts first opened. I loved this place. Can not wait to come back and eat there again. Sincerely

It's some of the best food in Visalia. I've never been disappointed! We drive from Tulare a couple of times a month just for a taco salad!

Hi, do you still have 2 types of breakfast burritos, sausage or bacon? If so, how much are they? I couldn't find a menu on line and no one answered when I called. You must be very busy. You have wonderful food!

Hi, yes they do and I am not sure on the price.

Foods great but drive thu people could be alot more nicer n patient. Not ask is that all after every word.

I have never had anyone who works here cut me short the drive through workers are courteous even when the line is long they are quick to get people thru the line so the wait is not forever l like in some places

Why when asked to put no sour cream on a taco salad do you put mayo instead ?!?

Have any of u checked the menu to see what's in the salad before ordering it? It's in plain text what's in it. Mayo n sour cream r included, u take sour cream out but it would still have mayo dressing unless u say no mayo either. Everything is listed right there. Tortilla shell Beans Lettuce Ground chips Mayo dressing Taco meat or shredded chicken Red sauce Cheese Tomato Olives Sour cream That's all!

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